The Outdoor Oasis



Have YOU an Outdoor Oasis?? You know, it's one of a MRS.'s most important places. If the answer is yes and you're already in the know - then you can skip this post and go about your daily flow. If the answer is "no" or "Wait, whet?!" then have a seat - I'm about to enlighten you + make your life complete! The Outdoor Oasis is a cardinal component to the MRS lifestyle - it's truly a sacred space that's life changing + worthwhile! Whether it's a simple folding chair (let's hope not) under a shade tree - or a secret-garden-esque shangri-la fit for a queen - a The Outdoor Oasis is a MRS.'s sanity-saving-sacred-quarantine. It is in said Oasis that she makes earth shattered desiscions - a place in which she contemplates her wildest ambitions - and perhaps even dramatically feeds her stinkiest of suspicions. The Oasis is also home to a MRS.'s higest moments of leisure - an element of existence that she take to the ultimate measure. Either the set up, simple or lavishly elaborate - the Mrs. Outdoor Oasis is the child's treehouse upgraded + reimagined. If you've found yourself sans a place to be blissfully vegitative - I HIGHLY encourage you to carve out a little Outdoor Oasis!



Serena + Lily Swing Chair / Ultra Sudan Sunglasses / Oscar de la Renta Kaftan / Tarot Cards / Hookah /Kevin Aucoin Micavel Lipstick / Smythson 'Today I'm Going To Be Nice' Journal / Parker Pen / Serena + Lily Hennie Chair / Jonathan Adler Gold Pouf

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