Happy Summer Friday



If you live in NYC, have visited NYC, know peeps in NYC then you know about summer friday - it's the greatest invention since bottled spirits, if you ask me anyway. It's when all the city folk cut out early to beat the hamptons traffic - escaping the city for their summer houses, which is a brilliant tactic! I've been petitioning for summer friday here in Sahn Diago - although since we're summery all year long, it'd be every Friday that I'd forgo. Not a bad idea, something I may just need to instill - it's something that at least in the MRS-verese I could fulfill. So for those in the Big Apple, near + far - enjoy your SUMMER FRIDAY... pack up + get in that car!!

Oh yes, and before I swim off... you'll want to sign up for my MRS GAZETTE!! The July edition hits inboxes Monday, you won't want to miss!!



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