A Fabby New Foyer



Soooo not sure if you're privy to the word on the street - but my pal Jonathan Adler has a new collection at JCPenney and it can't be beat!! The capsule is aptly named Happy Chic - it's utterly TDF + 100% magnifique!! I joined the JA / JCP bandwagon + got my swerve on - I re-deco-ed my foyer... and here are the images for you to observe upon >>


I'll admit, I already had some decent pieces - but can we all agree that the Happy Chic additions make it pretty genius?!?! Needless to say I'm thrilled with the final outcome - which supports my beliefe that fabby color cannot be outdone!! I urge you to run not walk to your nearest JCPenney Store - check out all the new collections, I guarantee they'll have something gasp worthy you've never seen before!!


I'm pretty sure you wouldn't also mind a little re-deco-ing yourself...?! Well then, enter this sweepstakes to win a $5k JCP makeover and let your home speak for itself!! 


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