Bikini Me



Let's hear it for bikini season - well at least for those of us in the American region. Who doesn't love a fabby scantily clad gal?! Especially one who's struttin' her stuff + keeping up the shore side morale! This bikini season is different than most - for one, there's more of me to love with bumps + mounds to boast! Having a bun in the oven during such a festive season - makes bikini shopping a bit interesting, and for good reason. I'm all for the bikini as long as she covers + fits - lets face it, an unintentional "thong" is seriously the pits! This year I went with a little mix-matched number - and in an appropriately prego size as to avoid the aforementioned blunder.

I say we cheers to this fine time of year - may we all look damn good in our bikinis... all round-y, mound-y + cavalier!!


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