Festive Food Sticks



If you're an avid MRS reader, then you're familiar with my love of food on sticks - if not, now you do and get excited because I'm going to share with you one of my favorite little tricks! In all my entertaining shenanigans, I've come to learn a thing or two - food on sticks is a total croud pleaser through + through. That said, over the years I've found ways to glam up said food sticks - and my favorite way to do so with with glittering pipe cleaners + long bamboo picks. What I can promise is that what ever your serving - it'll look 8 million times more discerning - when its speared with a festive stick that's glistening + diserving. It's certainly not rocket science nor time consuming - which is the only reason why I bother with this type of food utensil pruning. I highly suggest you give my festive food stick trick a try - and when you assemble them, make bucks of them to always have on supply!

your welcome.



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