Mrs. Citrus Salad



This baby BOY I have in the oven has me pining for citrus - and good thing too as it's fortifying + nutritious!! So I've concocted a way to incorporate heaping loads of it into a meal - behold my Mrs. Citrus Salad, all things citrusy sans the peel! With just one bite you'll eliminate the threat of scurvy for at least a year - and your vitamin C intake will launch into the stratosphere! Aside from the above noted ingredients, you can always add your own flair - avocados are lovely in this and perhaps a sprinkling of Manchego cheese here and there. My only rule is that there are 4 citrus species represented - one being the lemon juice in the vinaigrette and 3 others peeled + perfectly segmented. Upon a bed of arugula and succulent basil leaves - this delightful summer meal is but a satisfying little dream!

Bon Appétit!!



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