The Daily Nap



It sounds naughty and indulgent, a little piggish + lazy - I'll tell you what... it's all of the above AND a pinch crazy!!But hear me out... I've been doing it for months - it's a total game changer, and all it took was once! Sure, I'm all kinds of massively pregnant - so it makes sense to make part of my day a sleepy segment. However, pregnant or not a daily nap is hands down rejuvinating - it's European (right?!), it's sanity saving, it's DAYMAKING!! So the next time you catch a case of the wearies, do yourself a favor - give into a daytime nap + make it a daily habit to savor... you can thank me later!!


Bump Nest Body Pillow / Eye Mask / Vintage Alarm Clock / Fabby Gold Polka Dot Sheets / Vintage Eskimo Fan

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