Bedroom Bliss



Do you ever pause to ponder what it would take to get the most out of your bedroom experience?! The answer isn't far fetched or mysterious!! The simple rule is that as long as it's fabby - it's bound to be effervescently happy! We all have our own tastes + particular color inclinations - so it's really just a 'choose your own adventure' when it comes to these kinds of combinations. A year or so ago, on a whim, I decided to paint our bedroom jungle green - and then kept our bedding all white, crisp + clean. While taking my own pondering pause not too long ago - I decided we needed to jazz up our little sleeping bungalow. Adding a baby to our room certainly will have it's own colorful additions - but I was thinking more along the lines of colorful pillow provisions. So I took to my sources + snatched up some splashy bedroom flair - the final result? Well take a look up there ^. It goes without saying that I now have a vibrantly blissful space - and while it took some time to bring together, it's a fabby room that's been successfully set ablaze!

Photo by Joie La La / Styling by The Hostess Haven / Serena + Lily Coral Lamu Sham / Serena + Lily Coral Boarder Frame Shame / Serena + Lily Coral Gobi Embroidered Sheet Set / Flamingo Pillow

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