Yard Sporting



"How ever could I spice up a neighborly gathering, Mrs. Lil?" "What am I missing out on that can give my weekend some extra thrill?" Allow me to introduce to you, my dear friends, the very fabulous art of Yard Sporting: an art that brightens all social gatherings! One that adds friendly competition resulting in laughing + snorting...

If you are not yet familiar with such games as those listed, I advise you to click the links or go to good ole' google + all your worries will be lifted! That is all I have for you before the weekend begins...just remember make it fabulous + surround yourself with handfuls of friendly grins!



1. Croquet Set // 2. 8 Boule Bocce Set // 3. Jacques Police Man Skittles Set // 4. Vintage Chanel Bocce Set

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