Mrs. Race Day



She may be fancy + she may appear dainty - but one thing's for sure, Mrs. Race Day is quick, calculated and hasty!! She'll saunter into the race just in the knick of time - looking ever unwitting, sipping a glass of sparkling wine. Somehow she'll miraculously clean house in one full swoop - making even the most clandestine horse better feel like a boob. When she's had her fill, and is through with making nice-nice - she'll collect her winnings and make her exit quietly + concise. Mrs. Race Day is stealth like that, she's got one hell of a poker face - she who cuts the unassuming silhouette is usually she who wins the race!

Philip Treacy Hat / Hervé Léger Frock / Diamond Cluster Earrings Opera Glasses / Manolo Blahnik Pumps / Tassel Clutch / YSL Lipstick

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