Summer Night, Patio Delight



 There's nothing better than rounding up the pals + partaking in some ridiculously fabulous outdoor dinner chatter! I mean, what better weather than summer to avoid any possible rainy pitter patter?! I must admit, I received some major direction after a recent DBA dinner. The DBA gals did a splendid job of displaying the ultimate patio party perfection. So allow me to pass on to you the tricks of the trade and bump you one step closer to setting off a voluptuous summer patio party grenade! As stated above, you will need table top succulents, tealights + utensils galore...not to mention some fabby alchy that your guests will AH-dore!  

Shall you have any questions on hosting such a lovely event, leave a comment below + the MRS herself help guide you to the fullest extent!


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