The Laundress's Line



Summer laundering is truly one of my greatest passions - pinning up our household's freshly cleaned fashions - brings me pleasures you'd be hard pressed to fathom. Luckily for us my line stays up nearly all year long - allowing my obsession to carry on strong. What's made taken my lining to a whole new level - are these latest outdoor laundering sundries I've deemed utterly essential. First, if you don't have a set of fabby pins, then what's the point? You might as well just take your dirties down to the local fluff n' fold joint!! Did you know there are now SCENTED PINS?! A new invention that'll win anyones laundry heart, I'm convinced! And howabout marked bins and my all time fav, the on-line pin bin - laundry line naysayers.... these babies are for the win!! I can't encourage enough the art of line drying - it'll change your life (for the better) the second you start trying!

So, have you a laundry line?? If you show me yours, I'll show you MINE!! @tweet or @instagram me a photo of your line + I'll reciprocate with candid shots of mine!



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