Packing for the Hospital


For those that've been there and those that have not - the idea of packing for the hospital can be an overwhelming thought! Being that this go around will be my third - I've decided to take a different approach and put forth what I've learned. What I won't be packing are massage oils, sage bundles or Enya CD's - as a seasoned professional I well know, I'll have zero use or interst in these!! Instead I'll be looking to my statement pumps + lipstick for comfort - for when it's all said and done a little glam will do me good once I've ruptured! Of course there are the necessary no brainers - such as the phone, baby book + flask, which will serve as my "go-to" entertainers. Then there are the things we'll want for the baby - the usual suspects really, nothing outrageous or crazy. Just enought to keep him bundled + happy - easy things to change him into in a snappy! Now all these goodies will tuck easily into my handy hospital "go bag" - something smart, easy + chic without hideous wheels to drag. That's pretty much it... doesn't seem so bad?! So the next time you find yourself in the pregnancy home stretch - be sure to pack your bag wisely with the things you really won't wanna forget!


Lo & Sons Catalina Weekender / Twist Scarf / Statement Pumps: Jcrew / Lipstick / Baby Book / Parker Pen / Flask / Bonnet / Booties / Diaper Shirt / Muslin Blankie: Mini Boden

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