The Kitten Pedestal



Us ladies of the highest are quite familiar with needing a place in which to perch - afterall, proper kitten posing is a ladylike artform that requires work! Kitten posing takes endless refining and requires years of practice - but once it's been mastered, it becomes effortless + truly ups your posturing status. Needless to say one cannot kitten pose on just any old surface - I mean the thought alone makes me angsty + nervous. If an ebony or ivory grand piano isn't available, the next obvious post is the "Kitten Pedistal". Don't go for a moment thinking this nonsensical, for aquiring such a piece is really quite sensible. Now off you go to begin searching for YOUR Kitten Pedistal!



Wicker / Mint Velvet / White Leather / Lavendar Velour / Yellow [Silken Wool]4

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