Flashback Friday // 2



From Top to Bottom: 

Myself and the MR on our wedding day in North Shore (Oahu) in honor of today...OUR 10 year anniversar-YAY! 

My son's first bodysurfing contest had him thrilled beyond belief...he's my part fish, ocean-loving little one just like his daddy (good grief!)

Miss Wood + I enjoying the Etsy Pop-up Shop event at West Elm this past Saturday...as we perused around the store, talked to guests + munched on the yummy macaroon display!

Oh you know, just gawking at the goodies by this Etsy shop at the SD West Elm event...

West Elm's "Oh Kale Yeah!" market tote!!! Fully convinced that it's the fabbiest (yet) veggie quote!

Setting up a Smilebooth was BRILLS! 

So what other choice than take my faves + the kiddies to show off our serious posing skills!


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