Fabby Gals: Then + Now



Every well-rounded lady must know but a few of the above "then" fabby gals...Elsa Martinelli, Grace Kelly, there are clearly far more than I can even telly! Bear in mind, the other gals I have not included are not a result of my absent-mindedness, just simply visually excluded. Although forever in the heart, the others didn't make the cut, it wasn't their time, for the ladies above had photos worth every penny, nickel, quarter AND dime! Alongside providing a fabby gal lesson on this fine sunshine-y day, I felt it only right that I enlighten you with a handful of the fabulous gals I goggle over NOWadays...each one sassy, flashy + classy, each in their own very marvelous way.

Who is your favorite gal of then and now? Or have you a suggestion that you suppose may raise my MRS brow?



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