Back in Black



It's no secret that I'm a mistress of wild color - however, the boldness of bitchy-black is something I'm always happy to usher. While the dog days of summer are certainly upon us - it's not to say the upcoming season isn't worthy of us to discuss. When I think of Mistress Fall + Father Winter my mind immediately goes to BLACK - it's such a ferocious hue that's just a wee bit badass. I'm all for procuring a smattering of signature black pieces - sometimes it's the addition of such items that can take one's wardrobe from great to genius!

Be forewarned as the above items must be considered INVESTMENTS - as with all good things these kinds of additions can boast price tags that can be tremendous. That said one truly cannot put a price on pure unadulterated ferociousness - let alone a wardrobe dripping with buttery righteousness!!



Gucci Slappers / Black Rocks / Balmain Blazah / Zip Bootays / Le Leatherette / Zip Tote / Snap Gal

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