My Mrs. Birthday Wishlist



I'm going to keep this short, sweet and rather to the point - as to steer clear of gifting blunders you may wish to avoid. My birthday is Saturday, and rather fast approaching - I thought I'd expose my birthday wishlist on this very blog posting.

Here they are, IN PARTICULAR order:

  1. SWAN PEDAL BOAT - She's occupied the first position on my list now for 3 years in a row - I'm not sure how else to drop the hint... I desperately NEED me one of these I'll have you know!!!

  2. CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN SPIKED PUMPS (Size 9.5)- I spied these babies in the flesh a few months back - and when I laid eyes upon them I bout near had a heart attack! They'd be the perfect addition to my ferocious shoe collection - not to mention give my tootsies some much needed attention!

  3. THE WHIRLPOOL DUET - I won't for a minute hide my lifelong love affair with the art of laundering - and the gift of such pristine machines would not only acknowledge my talent but also be quite honoring!!

  4. CATHERINEHOLM FONDUE POT - this gorgeous dome-like specimen is a true feast for the eyes - and a festive fondue vessel worthy of a birthday surprise! I've been keeping watch on these for quite some time - and a mint condition set would be truly sublime!!

So there you have it all my desperate wants + wishes - here's to hoping perhaps just one of them bestowes itself to this MRS!!


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