Fall Fashion Week Giveaway // Leslie Tessler



The very first day of Fall Fashion Week has officially begun! Think NY fashion week, but a MRS rerun. Many of you well know that it isn't very often that the MRS freely bestows, except for fabbiness, love + design of course! Long behold, the Mrs Crew + Leslie Tessler have decided on a cape giveaway...let’s face it, we ladies can’t bear the thought of a fall wardrobe that’s démodé and  passé. Here at Mrs. Lilien Enterprises we are strong believers that those deserving of such prizes bear with them creativity + fabulous-ness beyond normal capacity.

The rules are as follows, be sure to take note as this cape is every bit of worthy of a great big gloat: 

-Must like Mrs. Lilien + Leslie Tessler on Facebook

-In the comments below, whip out your very best rhyme + share where you envision yourself wearing the mighty fine + fabulous Titan Cape (including the color of your choice)

 *The uber fabulous + creative winner will be chosen by tomorrow AM!! Happy rhyming!! Major luck to all who enter!


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