Mrs. Fall Blowout



I am basking in new baby bliss and blearily yapping, as I emerge from the shower to find baby still napping. Behold! Time to use my goodies from Drybar with heed, starting with Drybar's Buttercup (the Ultimate blow drying tool) - to treat me to pretty hair with uber-speed!

Their blow dryer is sunny-colored and lightweight as heck (a real plus, for these dog-tired shoulders and neck). A tool so techie, yet efficient and pretty – oh my, this blowout makes me feel positively witty! With nanoionic minerals that hydrate my tresses and negative ions that naturally freshen – take note my pretties: I’m preaching a good blow dryin' lesson!

My ritual includes a kit of go-anywhere hair survival (that not even a celeb’s personal stylist could rival). Complete with their Southern Belle Volumizing Mousse for lots of volume and sexy big hair, I’ll get so much attention it won’t even be fair!  Now a spritz of their flexible-hold hairspray that seals the deal. And days later, with my blowout less fresh, I turn to Detox Dry Shampoo, so invisible, thank goodness.  So you see, I can prolong my blowout, and really show off my hot-mama-ness. Three travel-size products, so perfect for my gym bag that I pledge return to in time, but first some more snuggles from this new angel of mine.

Who says new mommies don’t glow with beauty and pride, seems like our new baby will surely take my glam hair-dos in stride!


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