Mrs. Lilien + the Great Closet Purge



Tip #1: Every closet gains it's flair + sparkle from their particular owner: the young, the old + the matriarchal. Each individual must fight several battles first in order for their closet to be perfectly reversed. Per se, those whom bask in hanging clothes must prioritize bar-space + shelf-lovers are mostly foldy-fans who find clothes-hanging an utter disgrace! Same goes for mirrors, drawers, and cubbies; choose what you want + make it ifs, ands, or butt-ys!

Tip #2: Now there are a few simple ways to optimize all closet spaces (small + large), so let me break down a quick remodel sans the hefty credit charge! When summer comes around throw outerwear in a heap + dig til you find a airtight bag for under the bed or buy em' where they're cheap! And vice versa, when fall comes i've got an idea!! Unload that bag full of outerwear and to all the tanks, shorts + skirts yell "SEE YA!". We must never forget the importance of a de-crowded closet and remember the rule to teach our sons + daughters: For every new piece, one must find a new home...just trust me, it's the ONLY way to avoid a meltdown + find yourself on the MRS. Organization throne!

Tip#3: Last but not least, if you have a few bucks + elbow grease to share, i'd get right to purchasing the above-listed additions (they really are life-changing, I wholeheartedly swear!!!) A step-ladder is essential as we now know the secret of that way high-up + unreachable spot for all women with grabby tots + teens with their parental-condemned pot. As for the drawers in the cubbies, be sure to use space wisely. As a big ole' lump of clean underwear isn't nearly as lovely looking as a pair of Christian Louboutin's paired nicely. So keep the underwear in the drawers + shoes in the cubbies and you will forever thank me (OMG lifetime buddies!)

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