The Pre-Fold



I've always been wildly clear about professing my love of laundry - it's an obsession that runs deep within my veins, an act that I honor staunchly! Throughout my laundressing practices, I've acquired many secrets - all of which have aided me in reaching my laundry wielding zenith. One of said laundry secrets I've picked up along the way - is that of the PRE-FOLD, in which I've decided to share with you all today! As a woman of HIGH-laundress status, I'm a stickler when it comes to folding - a poorly folded load is something I will forever be loathing! That said, as a busy mother of 3, finding time to fold can be well, a little bit tricky. That's when I call upon my Pre-Folding skills - a quicky, easy + load saving solution thats totally BRILLS!! Once I hear the chime from the dryer signifying its completion - I promptly administer the fluff + stack technique and with good reason! What happens next is a laundresses wet dream - for the weight of the warm stack presses out all the wrinkles, thus eliminating the need to iron + steam!!! I then leave said stack for a lovely little private window of folding opportunity - this then results in a load thats been executed + folded rather beautifully!!

Oh go on and TRY it, I triple dog dare you!!


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