DIY Duct Tape Lanterns



Whoever thinks duct tape is but just another item in their hubby's ten-foot-tall pile of things of no use (admit it, 99.9% of you) I must demand you rethink this theory and call it truce! Yes, that's right, the unthinkable is gettin' real so sit back + read on as I go on my little 3m scotch-lovin' shpiel. Scotch-loving...the Mrs? You don't dare say! This time (the one and only) the reference lay not with an alcoholic bevvy, but scotch duct tape! (yes, way!) I, not long ago, would be right there beside you rolling my eyes... at the thought of scotch duct tape doing anything other than something I wholeheartedly despise. Here comes the twist, they brilliantly came out with a brand-spankin' new line of Scotch® Colors & Patterns Duct Tape  boasting color options of white, yellow, neon green + hot pink.. all totally divine! That's when it hit me there's gotta be something I can do... to replace the hubby's collection without giving him the obvious + insulting clue. Turn it into a pretty project with just enough leftover for him, too!! (brilliance, I know) An affordable, colorful + fun DIY all in the midst of my little white lie! So all you wives trying to pretty up your hubby's pile of not-so-pretty junk, take my advice + make some home decor with serious spunk!!! Step-by-step video tutorials for other fun + colorful DIYs can be found on this Pinterest Page and on this Twitter feed

 Happy taping! XXX!



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