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Yes indeed, you read it right + I must say it's quite the mid-week delight! A cup of tea, a swig of booze, whatever floats your boat + lights your fuse. MY mid-week bliss is a total jaw-dropper, it's all things fabulous...it's Waiting on Martha! An online shop that's got just about everything + always leaves me blatently "oohing + aahing".

Since your's truly has been selected as September's guest curator, you lucky readers get to take a ride on the WOM golden escalator! As you click through the shop or my top picks in particular, feel free to use the code (and be a good listener!) The code must be just right so it's time to take note...it's easy to remember + worth a good gloat! The code is MRS15, be sure to enter at checkout for 15% off it's well worth the time + indeed deserves a jump, clap + a shout!

Happy Shopping! Xxx!


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