Fabulously Fit


Remember this post-holiday workout list OR my 2014 list of resolutions?! Well one of them was to get my MRS BUTT back into shape + i'm here to say it has yet to escape! That's right i've been keepin up on my bi-weekly pilates like a lactose lover that can't kick the cheese. But I figure (for you pilates-loathers) I'd share some of the activities that used to have me panting + on my knees. If you didn't know, here's a fun fact...I ran a marathon a while back! The key to running is really great shoes + a watch to keep you motivated to accomplish more than just a "midday cruise". I also did my fair share of muay thai (I recommend the Everlast gloves in HOT pink). Afterall, it's chic-gear that kept me from wanting to lay out + die!

Now go on...GET FIT dollfaces!


MRS. (almost) FIT


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