Spring is in the Air



Okay okay, perhaps I'm getting a little ahead of the game - but I can hardly contain my warm weather excitement, I have no shame. While most places are still blanketed in snow - it's sunny and warm in Southern Cal, I'll have you know. So needless to say I've got spring on the brain - and don't lie, if you lived here too, you'd be doing the same! Who's to say you can't jazz up winter with a little spring flair?! After all winter is so last season, so then it's SPRING I declare!!

1. Flamingo SunniesKOTUR, Margo tulle floral-appliqué clutch 

2. Wildfox Kitten Sunnies + Kate Spade Georgica Road Silka Clutch

3. Cynthia Rowley SunniesKOTUR Kemble silk floral-appliquéd elaphe clutch

4. Kate Spade Seanna Sunnies + Olympia Le-Tan MIAMI Clutch

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