A Rock-A-Roo Giveaway--CLOSED



Introducing the newest in hands-free baby devices... enter: The Rockaroo!  A next generation swing for your beloved little baby boo!! You'll be astounded at how it rocks and rolls - it moves like a tide that ebbs and flows.  All I can say is that it's both MRS + TRU approved - and every other baby that's tried it out at our house is always very enthused!! That said, I'm giving one of these 4moms Rockaroos - and would YOU love to be the one that I choose?! To win leave a comment telling me just what you'd do while your little baby rocked in a ROO. Then hop over to 4moms Facebook page and 'like' them too!

May the luckiest baby win!

(pssst... be sure to leave your email in the comment!)

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