Simplified Planner 2014 Giveaway-- CLOSED


Can it possibly be true that one simple, yet utterly fabulous accessory can put an end to your disorderly poo-poo! Down the toilet goes forgotten phone calls, tardy meetings + disorderly things of the sort and in comes a daily, weekly + monthly regime that'll have you waltzing around in a methodical grand court! 

The Simplified Planner is a new gal that's too hot to trot + she totes belongs in your LV front pock! You can win her fair + square by following the above not fear, I will reiterate my quite simple commands:

-Leave a comment below about why the Simplified Planner will turn you into Wonder Woman this very, New Year with your email so you can be contacted!

-Also, go on and frolick over to my Facebook page and the brilliant maker of the Simplified Planners', Ms. Emily Ley + give a generous click to the like button and we'll call it fair game! 

Happy Planning + best of luck! Xxx

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