The Holiday 15



Ewe, don't even attempt a weigh in... you don't want to know - you'll tip the scales so it's off to the gym you must go! The holidays are officially over and you've laid it on thick - that extra 15 pounds you're packin' is making you down right sick! What should you do? Where should you start? Well, let me break it down for you, lets have a heart to heart. Nothing motivates quite like a trove of fancy new workout gear - I myself just loaded up on the stuff and am ready to sweat it out in the new year! While I may have to suck in my cookie fueled muffin top - there's nothing that brightly patterned spandex can't stop! Sure I'll be panting and regretting all those long booze booze filled nights - but with a little hard work I'll be looking good in my flashy workout tights! So go on, you know you haven't an alternative - The Holiday 15 has got to go, you're fat... it's affirmative!

I'll be wringing myself out bi-weekly at Core40 - where is it that you'll be workin' it out + getting sporty?!

I'm LOVING the new Trina Turk Recreation collection - aren't you?!?!

More fabby workout gear on THIS pinterest board.

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