Mrs. Must Haves of 2014



We've all got a list of things that cannot be missed. I've gone ahead and compiled - what I consider to be key items of high MRS style. These are sundries of sorts that'll be mainstays in my 2014 kit - and, I must admit, my MRS kit is pretty hot shit!!  As essential moving parts to my well oiled swerve - these particular goods help to set my distinct MRS curve. Each one crucial in it's own right - could easily start a conversation of staggering delight. That said, I urge you to compile your own assemblage of signature things - you'll be simply astounded at the joviality that it brings!

Statement Tights / Cat Eyes / Mrs. Lilien's Dessert Cocktail Swatchbook / Silk Scarf / Jumbo Finger Bling / Signature Lip Color / Playful Lace-Ups / Alphabet Disc Bracelets / Big Ass Gold Watch

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