A Case of The CRAZIES



All right friends, there's no two ways around it so I'll just jump to the point. Things have become hands-down berserker up here in this joint! With scads of chore and circumstance bubbling about - my golden goblet of glittering juices hath runneth out. With unending streams of poopiness and tribulation constantly infiltrating - a good old fashioned case of the CRAZIES have moved in and are unfortunately prevailing. Sure, it happens from time to time - and when it does I slow down and reflect in order to realign. This case is no different, I've been here before - I know I'll resurface, as my resilience is pretty hardcore. I'm not sure why I'm sharing this, but now that it's out in the open - the lesson learned here is that no one is immune to feeling broken. It wouldn't be accurate to call this a case of "Blogger Burnout", simply put, it's more of a malady - like that of a gremlin in my DNA, a psychological abnormality. Does this mean that I'll soon be featuring couture straight jackets and the creme de la creme of inpatient retreats?? Most likely no, but I may miss a few days here and there as I tame this crazy beast. For the record, there is no need to speculate - no body died, I'm not coming out of the closet, joining a cult or divorcing my beloved mate. I can't say that once I'm out of this fog, I won't attempt to write 'Fifty Shades of Pharmaceuticals' - by that time I will no doubt be an expert on the topic of such consumables. 

No need to worry or fret, and please..."Don't Cry For Me Argentina!" Have faith, I'm one strong ass Señorita.

The image above is a remarkable painting by the wildly talented Jessica Rowe. You can purchase it here. It's amazing, and if I were to acquire a copy I'd hang it prominently above my mantle. There. That is all.




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