GLAM Dining



With the HIGH holidays right around the corner I've got DINING on the brain - after all, this room is the nucleus in which we host + entertain. Each year, without fail, I vow to better equip my dining space - and each year, without fail, I do nothing and it remains the same. While I'm not sure this is THE year I'll go full throttle - I do hope to rectify my tablespace-to-chair ratio debacle. I am a FIRM believer in table leafs as they are a MUST for large sit down situations - HOWEVER, the lure of the big, round, Saarinen Tulip Table inevitably causes leaf commitment complications. Then there is the dream of having one very long table with a hanging swing chair at each end - this idea sends me into fits of obsession that I'd expect no one to comprehend. What does remain, no matter the table, is a fabulous array of mix-matched chairs -  to avoid seating fights I think I'd most likely purchase them in pairs. As for the topic of illumination - I'll admit, the Copper Pendants from Tom Dixon have me in deep fascination. The statement centerpiece is really a no brainer - a Jonathan Adler morsel would do any table a favor! Finally, a rug. I know you're thinking 'In a dining room?! UG!' But, what about a fabulous black graphic number? Not only would it tie the whole room together, but it'd also hide most spills from supper! 

If the whole thing could come together with a snap of my fancy finger - I'd fully commit, hook, line and sinker! In the meantime I'll continue to dream, and reconfigure - and hopefully one day I'll pull the GLAM DINING trigger!

Tom Dixon Copper Pendants / Jonathan Adler Dora Maar Urn / Saarinen Tulip Table / Tom Dixon Fan Chairs / Tolix Chairs / Jonathan Adler Maxime Dining Chairs / Pattern Society Union Rug

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