A Getaway Giveaway



Wouldn't it be a fabulous moment to turn the car around mid-commute? To instead jet off to a dream weekend getaway at a higher altitude? Would you be able to say this to your supervisor?  "I'm gonna need to turn in these TPS reports and grab my sun visor!" Well, welcome to my GIVEWAWAY! I'm delighted to bestow you an opportunity to GETAWAY! Together with Diet Coke, I've whirled together a special treat - a taste of the good life and an opportunity that can't be beat! We'd LOVE to offer you a chance to escape the mundane + GET A TASTE of what you love - to jaunt off with someone special and partake in what you'd define as a cut above. Yes, you read correct, we want to send you away - to for a weekend, let your life taste as good as Diet Coke, and send you off on holiday! All we need from you is your take on the ultimate weekend trip - we've made it easy, just fill out the above MRS LIBS. Enter your reply in the comments below - by completing the above sentence on where you'd love to go. I've gone ahead and filled my example in red - mirror this, but with your preferences instead. I'll be choosing the winner on Monday, the 13th of October, I'll be emailing the winner and blasting it on social for maximum exposure. I do hope you enter + truly give it your best shot - for I read each and every one, and give each a true thought. I truly cannot wait to see where you all hope to go - is it the beach, the dessert, the city, the snow?  The more the merrier, and don't think I'll pass you by - for each and every one of your entries will no doubt leave me with a sigh.

Enough already, I can hardly stand the wait - put in your entry and cross your fingers till the date.




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