Chic Winter Pajama Round-Up


To many, looking dangerously fabulous often takes sacrifice - at times, tossing discomfort under the table. I'll be the first to say it..."beauty hurts" is no tall tale or falsified fable. Those good ole spanks hold everything tight + upright whilst staying totally out-of-sight - all of which I'm eternally grateful for BUT by the end of the night, I am positively prepared to hop right out of all the righty-tight...something with much less squeezing makes life a heck of a lot more pleasing. If it hangs, it hangs. If it sags, let it sag. Because when you've got jammies this fab - no sag can look drab! And THAT is that!

Treat yourself this winter and cozy up in the fabbiest of jammies!


1. Boyfriend Shirt by Pretty Plum Sugar

2. The Maxi Robe by Pretty Plum Sugar

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