Whether it be foggy London Town, or a brisk day on the California coast - If your neighborhood is chilly, a Burberry coat is what you'll want most! Be it bitterly cold, windy, unfavorable and rainy - a coat of this caliber will keep you warm and looking stately. Like a trusty steed, a winter coat must be considered an investment - for a fine coat should certainly last you until you're old and decrepit. I stumbled upon the above 'neighborhood' of Burberry's at Nordstrom - an obvious, stalwart provider of elevated decorum. With an impressive mélange of fabulous winter finery - the Burberry's had me at first click, each one impeccable in it's entirety. I could lose myself in a fashionable scenario when pondering each style... trapesing around Manhattan, cutting a chic silhouette and donning a smile. And this is where I stop before I take you on another meandering MRS journey - I think it's time to snatch a brilliant Burberry and quick before the next winter flurry!

1. Burberry Brit, Rushworth Belted Wool Blend Coat 2. Burberry Brit 'Bedwyn' Wool & Cashmere Coat with Genuine Shearling Trim 3. Burberry Brit Rushfield Wool Blend Stand Collar Coat 4. Burberry London, Double Breasted Wool + Cashmere Coat 5. Burberry Brit, Waltford Belted Wool Blend Coat 6. Burberry Brit, Finsdale Wool Duffle Coat

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