I consider myself somewhat of a high priestess when it comes to making the mundane, magnificent. Specifically, spicing up the stodgy and in turn making it spirited. ‘IT’ can be anything you want, there really are no limitations. In fact, its typically the ‘ridiculous’ innovations that deliver the highest return on your magnificent modifications! Lets ponder for a moment, a utilitarian space like the kitchen. Fabulous, glittery + GLAM? No, it usually doesn’t fit that description. But, in a matter of a few minutes and a bit of clever reclaiming - a sparkle in your eye and a new lease on lame is what you’ll be embracing! And if for no one else, making something monotonous a little extra fancy would probably be the fire you need to get behind a sink full of dishes. I’ll tell you what, that’s JUST what happened to this Lilien MRS! When dish duty calls, I simply spit and spatter. I run for the hills, I ‘feel a headache coming on’, I scatter! There’s so many other things I’d rather busy myself doing. And with that realization a fabulous idea began brewing! I tore into my sideboard, like a cop looking for a thief! What found was an empty glittering decanter to both my delight and disbelief! Dashing back into the kitchen with stars in my eyes, I dumped and entire bottle of dish soap into it, to everyone’s surprise! A genius idea, there’s no denouncing that - but now my kitchen sink has become a place I don’t mind as much being at. This added punch of swanky sparkle was truly a kitchen game changer - I’ve made dish duty an elevated experience as opposed to a chore that I’d underhandedly wager. I’ll file this nugget of wisdom into the tomb of MRS Genius - the book in the sky that pretty much proclaims me as MRS High priestess!

I've been given a fabulously fun task of kicking off this Sparkle Chain - an ocelo™ brand initiated campaign that allows me to gift 12 lucky readers ocelo sparkle parcel packages as well a special *SPARKLE* that specifically suits their domaine! I'm delightfully thrilled to be an ocelo™ brand appointed benefactress of sparkle - gifting glittering goodies is a duty I'm diving into full throttle!

So now I turn the challenge on to you… What Sparkle do you have in your kitchen? What unexpected morsel elevates your back of the house duty?! Share with us all by uploading a photo to Instagram and use #sparklechain #sweeps and tag @ocelobrand and @MrsLilien to be entered for a chance to win a package from ocelo™ brand. Entries accepted through 12/12/14. Click here for more details and the official rules. May the BEST SPARKLER WIN!! CIN CIN!!

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