Winter Skin Survival Guide



With winter (hot ?) on our heels, it’s time to crack down on your skin care routine! Developing a daily habit that promotes healthy winter skin - will undoubtedly leave you soft and supple from limb to limb! The success of such a routine starts with keeping it simple - if you set yourself up for an 18 step plan, within a week I promise your determination will dwindle. My go to steps are outlined below - all 5 elements cover inside and out! Begin by giving your skin a daily cleanse - we could all use a little clean + fresh binge! Follow up your cleanse with a moisture effective lotion and VOILA: you’re attacking the feared Winter Skin Destroyer in a wide-strided motion. Curél’s new Rough Skin Rescue is just what I need in times like these. There’s nothing like tackling all matters at once - and Curel does JUST that (even for us sensitive-skinned ones). Hydration, exfoliation and smoothing sans irritation - it’s practically a dream come true in this often dry + flaky Winter freeze deliberation. The exfoliator is key to all this sleek-faced madness and will free your skin from all that dead + dull sadness. Next, add skin nourishing supplements (like Vitamin E) and an extra few glasses of water each day – which can certainly give your skin an extra boost from the inside in more than one way. Finally my winter skin secret weapon... a fabulous humidifier! Spend one night next to one, and you’ll swear it’s a miracle skin beautifier!

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