Mrs. Lilien's Decked Halls



Who ever said it DOESN'T snow in San Diego is just plain wrong! In my house, the fluffy white stuff comes down all day + night long! The best part is it doesn't melt or turn to dirty brown slush - nope, my snow is beautifully bright, white, and full of fluff! I take such delight each year in creating a special unique holiday wall - one that's aside from the tree, the mantle, the lights and all. Each year it's different, never to be the same - and with this year's holiday wall I really upped my game! I wanted to create a festive, snowy facade - one with falling snow, snow balls, my favorite vintage tinsel tree, and an old gilded star atop. I used varying sizes of white tissue balls and adhered them to the wall. I strung white paper dot garlands from the ceiling and ledge to create my 'snow fall'. I wanted to create a warm ambiance  amongst the falling snow - so I used golden mercury glass orb lights and candles to create toasty glow. I adorned my vintage tree with gilded star ornaments - They way they pop against the silver truly elevates it's gorgeousness! Finally the fancy gold and white urchins perched atop the shelf - add a perfect wintery texture if I do say so myself!

Do you have a special holiday corner that you love to light up? Is it themed? Is it elaborate? Fantastical?? WHAT?!? 

Do tell, I'd LOVE to know - I'm already thinking about next year's... I'm thinking floor to ceiling MISTLETOE!!!! 



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