Holiday Hosting with Mrs. Lilien



Hostessing is the highest of my far + few fortes -- one I plan to take to my very grave. I can't express the excitement it brings: the fun festivery of tasty treats, drinks and beats not to mention the must-have silky hostessing pleats. The thought of it all rightfully excites -- the boozing and shmoozing brings me PURE delight! I look forward to every holiday season with a twinkle in my eye, knowing right around the corner awaits a whole table full of guests' glasses to fortify! With all the above necessities, I will surely pull it off. Another Holiday for the books, one without a single blemish or flaw! How, you may ask...? Go, slowly and purposely, through the above, all the while creating your very own "to-do, must-have, absolutely-positively-cant-do-without" hostessing list! 


No. 1 > Mrs. Eggnog / Santa Straws / Boot Mug

No 2> Mrs. Fondue / Vintage California Pottery Lazy Susan / Appetizing suggestions

No.3 > Aether Cone

No. 4 > Giant Balloon Ornaments / Place Setting / Glitter Candles / Color Block Xmas Trees Festive Antlers

No.5> Festive Attire for the Hostess

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