A monumental THANK YOU to all those who participated in the ocelo™ brand #sparklechain sweeps! The 12 friends below have WON, what lucky peeps! I loved seeing the sparkles in kitchens far and wide – thank you for playing along and brining me inside! Now I get to make like Santa and deliver the winning prizes – ocelo sponges, and a colander or candle to broaden your kitchen sparkle horizons! For those who remain unnamed, I wish you back for a chance at the future opportunities not yet named! There’s a chance for all, for every fabulous one of you - however this time around sparkle packages will be bestowed upon the following few.

But there’s more sparkle to be had, for this chain doesn’t stop here. The below selected winners have been granted liberty to gift out sparkle and spread the good cheer! What fun it will be to share sparkle gift with their family and friends! This chain reaction of seeking sparkle in unexpected places is a campaign that I hope never ends!


ocelo will connect with each winner through Instagram to schedule the sparkle deliveries. Follow @ocelobrand on Instagram + Facebook and chase the chain to see where it leads! 

Sparkle on…


P.S. Merry Xmas Eve!!! 

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