A Candid MRS.



If you ever wanted a mere glimpse inside my madcap mind, well now is your chance - I gave a tell all to Jess Lively on her Lively Show podcast in full MRS stance. I illuminate the HIGHS and the LOWS, all the colorful intricacies that hang in the balance - the little fires that fuel and extinguish my MRS passions. There's no campaign to listen or to root from my sideline - if anything I hope to  shed a little light on the mental health pipeline. From my VERY private corner, I speak to those with piqued interest - nary a brilliantly creative mind exists that isn't a tad compromised or nonsensically delinquent. Run with your talent like an intoxicated child - be flagrant with your gift, anything but mild. Lean not towards the trend, but rather towards your strengths - your return on investment will carry out at great lengths.

For more MRS wisdom you may want to have a listen - click here for the full monte and my experience on impaired mental heath individualism.

Jess, thank you a million times over - hopefully my antics shed some light on the 'crazies' roller coaster! 



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