The Ultimate Blowout



Last week Miss Wood + I decided to invade the Drybar Del Mar - we were all kinds of overdue to add this experience to our repertoire. Being a short-haired gal I'll admit I was a tad bit leery - but Alli Webb straight up squelched my theory. 


We nearly cartwheeled to the shampoo bowls - the experience invigorated our scalps + cleansed our souls. Nothing beats a good shampooing - it's rather therapeutic + stress undoing. 


We took to our chairs + left the masters to their craft - keenly observing whilst picking up delightful chit-chat. We oodled at the products and tools galore - the entire situation was fabulously hardcore!


Learning new things about our hair's capability - and pushing the limits of coiffe flexibility. Giving in to the pamper - carrying on a delicious banter - all the while being manicured to a high level of glamour!

What transpired was a thing of wizardry - and the end result? Pure hair victory!! I've been transformed into a Drybar believer - it truly is mecca of hair joie de vivre!!

1. Hair by the Drybar (obvs)  2. Makeup by Shauna  3. Photography by Joielala  4. Tunics by Sail to Sable (use special code: SOCIAL for discount) 5. Tangerine Tieks on Miss Wood 

©Kelley Lilien 2008-2013