Happy Valentines Day



Hooray hooray for this day of LOOOOOVE! If there's one thing to gift, it's a kiss + a hug! In terms of gifting, this one is supreme...it's one piece of bling you'd see in your dreams! So for all you who entered + made this giveaway one of the toughest, the time has come but please spare us the ruckus. It was hard enough as is, so we came up with a brilliant tactic--to throw the names of our fave entries in a hat along the way...I know, totes fantastic! So there you go, it's the luck of the draw, and Elizabeth R. was the one named pulled among the many lovely entries we saw! And who would've thunk...an SD native? What're the odds of pulling from a pool so quantitative?!

A great big TY to all those who have entered!! Be sure to stay around for the next giveaway adventure!!



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