Crucial Cargo



Today I'm dishing about my "crucial cargo" - the necessities you'd want by your side whether in Sochi or Key Largo. Come hell or high water these items are always on your person or in your bag - for, without them you'd feel naked, lost, or worse... look like a hag! I'm sure everyone's loot probably varies just a tad - but either way we all have our must-haves that we need in order to stay on-the-go fab! For this MRS my everyday, in-bag, on-person sundries are as follows: Sunnies / headscarf / lip balm / cooling cloths /bobby pins + mints. While simple in theory, they'd be crucial to my survival during unwarranted nature stints. Whether you've got your arsenal all lined up, or have found yourself stumped upon reading this - I urge you to cross check your cargo with my above list. Not only is this assemblage 100% #MRSapproved - this smart little kit will keep you above water should you be left bemused.

1. Jila Mints 2. Fresh Sugar Lip Therapy 3. Jonathan Adler Silk Scarf 4. Ban Cooling Cloths 5. Bobbi Pins 6. Michael Kors Jemma Aviators 7. Truffle Pouch

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