The passport Debacle



In my flurry of Australian migration enthusiasm I decided to busy myself with related tasks - so I set upon my mile long to-do list and get off on the right path. Right after budgeting came obtaining proper documentation - claiming our US citizenship and fitting our family of 5 with passports was my next obligation. While Mr. Lilien and I have done our fair share of travels, our passports had nearly just expired - so we now needed to get 5 new passports, 2 for us and one for each child. I hopped online and printed off all the paperwork - being computer savvy certainly is a time saving perk! When I had everything completed and ready to rock and roll - I thought I'd check out the required fees required to accomplishing this next goal. To what did my gobsmacked mind did I find?! That five new passports was gonna put us $550.00 behind!! What the WHAT?? Yes, that's right!! It sure ain't cheap to take your family worldwide!! Needless to say this task wasn't accomplished same day - instead we'll document one Lilien at a time and proceed the more economical way. So, the lesson here to be learned is really quite straightforward - keep your documents up to date + passport those babies upon birth to avoid getting financially tortured!


Okay. That is all. 



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