Puffer Pairings



Tired of old man winter?! Ready to rock spring's splashy hues?! Finding with the inclement weather difficult to do?! Well, here's what you do... Indulge in something bold + flashy, something springy + new - pair it with a puffer and you kill two birds with one shoe! Toss on a pair of big sunnies + fabby flats - and you've got yourself one heck of an ensemble at thats!! It's okay to cheat on winter with spring - after what he's put you through you deserve a snazzy new fling! Just be sure to be sensible with the transition - you don't want to rebound too hard and find yourself sick + out of commission!

Happy Pairing!



Sunnies / Puffers / Norma Kamali Striped Pants / Issa Maxi Skirt / Alice + Olivia Graphic Pants / Tieks Flats

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