AniPal Series - February Roundup


HIP HIP FURRAY it's an AniPal roundup!! All of February's furry friends have resurrected, sure enough! I find them to be a softer method of therapy - a bi (sometimes tri) weekly prezzy for you from me!!! Perhaps it's one of those mornings that you spill your coffee, burn yourself with the iron or barely roll out of bed - you just need ONE cheery thing to take away all the dread! Well that's where I come in bombarding your instagram space with none other than one of these fellas - I promise it'll slap ya in SMACK in the face! You wouldn't dare refuse...right? RIGHT! So do yourself a favor, clicky here, and follow along - for an AniPal journey that'll have you bright-eyed and cheeful, right where you belong!


Remember that morning I was feeling...FANCY?!

Or that afternoon I was feeling like I just needed a breather...

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