Mrs. A-List



Meet Mrs. A-List, a lady who’s always on her game - she’s a top notch go-to gal, hence her A-List name. She prances about doing A-list tasks - she makes magic happen whilst conducting A-List chats. She’s larger than life, a real tour de force - and she’s always dressed impeccably, of course! Her presence commands attention + she never disappoints - she takes her A-List power seriously, she’s a superior humanoid! Nary a task too complicated, a dilemma too ambitious - Mrs. A-List tackles it all with grace making her look ever so auspicious! If ever there were a gal with which to model, it’s Mrs. A-List - following in her fabulous footsteps would certainly gift your credo a lift!


Glasses / Ann Taylor Window Pane Topper / Ann Taylor Bag / Pointy-Toe Wedges / Phone

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