Mrs. Penny Pincher



Lets just say “saving” isn’t part of my MRS vocabulary - in fact, for all intents + purposes I had to look this one up in the dictionary! That said I’ve certainly got a new challenge on my plate - “saving” for our move to Australia will be something I’ll have to learn to tolerate. Considered an acquired taste, “saving” certainly has its benefits - if you think about it “saving” is basically one big reoccurring act of selflessness! I guess you can say “saving" its a ‘feel good’ chore - and one that will hopefully unlock our Australian door. With 2 whole years to sock our money away we’ve got to get right to it - It’s not going to be fun or glamorous, but we’re just gonna have to buckle down and do it! If you have any amazing systems or tried methods of retaining mounds of money - Would you share them with me?! I’m a bit of a “saving” dummy!! I’m all ears whatever advice you have to bestow - I’m a MRS on a mission to squander away my hard earned dough!!

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