Mrs. Calypso



Meet MRS Calypso of St. Barth, a lady of envy indeed - her day’s spent luxuriously leisuring, doddling about on the beach. She takes causal finery to the very next level - mixing + matching like a savvy resort rebel. She makes leisure-chic look effortless + refined - perfectly pressed and prim?! Oh, she hasn’t the time!  What with the surfing, sailing excursions, and exotic terrace-taken meals - from sun up to sun down, she’s kept on her heels. It must be tough being her, a baroness of leisure, a true travelin’ toots - everyone envious of her pursuits and her coveting looks. While a hard job I’m sure, someone’s gotta do it - so let’s commend Mrs. Calypso for rising to the occasion + sticking to it!


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Emder Silk Tiered Dress / Rafia Parma ClutchBeaded Sky Necklace / Tkees Flip Flops / Sunglasses / Maison Janse Palm Tree Floor Lamp / Gary Hanel Surf Board

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